E24 November 2010
Authors: Kimmo Berg and Harri Ehtamo
Title: Continuous learning methods in two-buyer pricing problem
ISBN 978-952-60-3476-8
[Abstract][Download PDF]

E23 September 2008
Authors: J. Liesiö and Ahti Salo
Title: Scenario-based portfolio selection of investment projects with incomplete probability and utility information
ISBN 978-951-22-9573-9
[Abstract][Download PDF]

E22 May 2008
Authors: T. Jarimo and Ahti Salo
Title: Multi-criteria partner selection in virtual organizations with transportation costs and other network interdependencies.
ISBN 978-951-22-9390-2
[Abstract][Download PDF]

E21 May 2008
Authors: H. Hytönen, T. Jarimo, Ahti Salo and E. Yli-Juuti
Title: Markets for standardized technologies: Patent licencing with principle of proportionality.
ISBN 978-951-22-9389-6-7
[Abstract][Download PDF]

E20 August 2006
Authors: Jyri Mustajoki and Raimo P. Hämäläinen
Title: Smart-Swaps - Decision support for the PrOACT process with the even swaps method
ISBN 951-22-8341-7
[Abstract][Download PDF]

E19 May 2006
Authors:Totti Könnölä, Ville Brummer and A. Salo
Title: Diversity in foresight: Insights from the fostering of innovation ideas 
ISBN 951-22-8208-9
[Abstract][Download PDF]

E18 June 2005
Authors: J. Gustafsson and A. Salo
Title: Valuing risky projects with contingent portfolio programming
ISBN 951-22-7771-9
[Abstract][Download PDF]

E17 June 2005
Authors: J. Gustafsson and A. Salo
Title: Project valuation under ambiguity
ISBN 951-22-7770-0
[Abstract][Download PDF]

E16 June 2005
Authors: J. Gustafsson, B. De Reyck, Z. Degraeve and A. Salo
Title: Project valuation in mixed asset portfolio selection
ISBN 951-22-7769-7
[Abstract][Download PDF]

E15 May 2005
Authors: E. Näsäkkälä and J. Keppo
Title: Hydropower production plannin and hedging under inflow and forward uncertainty
ISBN 951-22-7688-7
[Abstract][Download PDF]

E14 May 2003
Authors: Jukka K. Nurminen
Title: Models and algorithms for network planning tools - practical experiences
ISBN 951-22-6542-7
[Abstract][Download PDF]

E13 April 2003
Authors: Sebastian Slotte and R.P. Hämäläinen
Title: Decision structuring dialogue
ISBN 951-22-6487-0
[Abstract][Download PDF]

E12 April 2003
Authors: R.P. Hämäläinen and S. Alaja
Title: The threat of weighting biases in environmental decision analysis
ISBN 951-22-6486-2
[Abstract][Download PDF]

E11 March 2003
Authors: P. Murto
Title: Timing of investment under technological and revenue related uncertainties
ISBN 951-22-6459-5
[Abstract][Download PDF]

E10 November 2002
Authors: A. Kettunen
Title: Connecting methane fluxes to vegetation cover and water table fluctuations at microsite level: a modeling study
ISBN 951-22-6234-7
[Abstract][Download PDF]

E9 September 2001
Authors: A. Inkala and K. Myrberg
Title: Comparison of hydrodynamical models of the Gulf of Finland in 1995 - a case study
ISBN 951-22-5663-0
[Abstract][Download PDF]

E8 September 2001
Authors: J.-P. Salmenkaita and A. Salo
Title: Rationales for government intervention in the commercialization of new technologies
ISBN 951-22-5647-9
[Abstract][Download PDF]

E7 April 2000
Authors: J. Ylikarjula, S. Alaja, J. Laakso and D. Tesar
Title: Effects of dispersal patterns on population dynamics and synchrony
ISBN 951-22-4997-9
[Abstract][Download PDF]

E6 April 2000
Authors: M. Lindroos
Title: Nash equilibria for a coalitional game on Atlanto-Scandian herring
ISBN 951-22-4993-6
[Abstract][Download PDF]

E5 March 2000
Authors: T. Raivio
Title: Capture set computation of an optimally guided missile
ISBN 951-22-4920-0
[Abstract][Download PDF]

E4 March 2000
Authors: H. Ehtamo and T. Raivio
Title: Applying nonlinear programming to pursuit-evasion games
ISBN 951-22-4919-7
[Abstract][Download PDF]

E3 March 2000
Authors: H. Ehtamo, T. Raivio and R.P. Hämäläinen
Title: A continuation method for minimum time problems
ISBN 951-22-4918-9
[Abstract][Download PDF]

E2 October 1999
Authors: M. Kitti, M. Lindroos and V. Kaitala
Title: Optimal harvesting of the Norwegian spring-spawning herring stock and a spatial model
ISBN 951-22-4740-2
[Abstract][Download PDF]

E1 October 1999
Authors: V. Junttila, M. Lindroos and V. Kaitala
Title: Exploitation and conservation of Norwegian spring-spawning herring: Open acess vesus optimal harvesting strategies
ISBN 951-22-4739-9
[Abstract][Download PDF]


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