Title: Smart-Swaps - Decision Support for the PrOACT Process with the Even Swaps Method
Authors: Jyri Mustajoki and Raimo P. Hämäläinen
Systems Analysis Laboratory
Helsinki University of Technology
P.O. Box 1100, 02015 HUT, FINLAND
jyri.mustajoki@tkk.fi, raimo@tkk.fi
Date: August, 2006
Status: Systems Analysis Laboratory Research Reports E20 August 2006
Abstract: We introduce a decision support tool called Smart-Swaps to support the PrOACT process. This is a relatively new decision analytical approach to support multicriteria decision making. The elicitation of the decision maker's preferences is carried out with the even swaps method which is based on value trade-offs. We demonstrate different ways to support the process and new opportunities provided by the preference programming model on which the software is based. In many practical problems, such decision support can provide substantial help. Often in large problems, it is, in fact, a necessity for carrying out the even swaps process.
Keywords: multicriteria decision analysis, even swaps, preference programming, trade-offs