Title: Rationales for Government Intervention in the Commercialization of New Technologies
Authors: Jukka-Pekka Salmenkaita
Nokia Research Center
P.O. Box 407, FIN-00045 Nokia Group, Finland

Ahti A. Salo
Systems Analysis Laboratory
Helsinki University of Technology
P.O. Box 1100, FIN-02015 HUT, Finland
Date: September, 2001
Status: Systems Analysis Laboratory Research Reports E8 September 2001

The paper examines rationales relevant to the evolving roles of private venture capital industry and government intervention in the commercialization of new technologies. Specifically, government interventions may aim to mitigate market and systemic failures, eliminate structural rigidities, or respond to anticipatory myopia. Ex ante, constructive, and ex post evaluations are discussed in relation to the possibility that agencies may intervene even in situations in which the benefits of their interventions are not necessarily transparent.

Keywords: innovation, policy instrument, government intervention, evaluation